Quickbooks & Quicken Users

Quickbooks, Quicken & Mint Users

important information for conversion.

As we complete our Online Banking enhancements, you will need to modify your Quickbooks, Quickens, or Mint settings to ensure a smooth transition of your data. Below you'll find instructions on how to do so based on the application and computer you are using.

Need support? Please visit fi.intuit.com/support/roadmap.


Quickbook Users

Quicken Users

Mint Users

Quickbooks Online Edition Conversion Instructions Windows 2013-2015 - Direct Connect Mint Conversion Information
Windows 2013-2015 - Direct Connect Windows 2013-2015 - Web Connect  
Windows 2013-2015 - Web Connect Mac 2006-2007 - Direct Connect  
Mac 2013-2015 - Direct Connect Mac 2006-2007 - Web Connect  
Mac 2013-2015 - Web Connect Mac 2015 - Direct Connect  
  Mac 2015 - Web Connect  


After Conversion Help

Please reference the troubleshooting guide below for more help after the conversion. Thank you! For further help please visit fi.intuit.com. 

Post-Conversion Issue Help Guide

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