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Debit Card

It’ s your personal check – and ATM card – in one



The safest and most rewarding benefits for your Island Debit Mastercard®.


3 designs available! 

  • It's easier and faster than writing a check.
  • Purchase amount is automatically deducted from your Island Checking Account, so it’s easier to keep track of all your spending.
  • Get cash, - up to $500 a day – at Allpoint ATMs, and to handle your routine banking at Island FCU machines.
  • Save money on fees. There's no annual fee and no transaction fees when you make a purchase or use your card at one of our ATMs.
  • If you receive a debit card by mail, please be sure to:  
    1. Activate it. You will not be able to use it if it is not activated.  
    2. Make sure to update your pin number. 
    To Activate and Pin, call toll free: 1-800-992-3808
  • If you need a Mastercard® SecureCode™, please click here to begin the registration process. Thank you!
    Learn more about Mastercard® SecureCode™ here

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