My Cash Back Rewards


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How it Works:

  • Activate your offers directly in Online Banking & Mobile Banking
  • Earn Cash Back when you shop with your Island Federal Debit Mastercard 
    • No coupons to cut
    • Nothing to show the cashier
  • Rewards are deposited directly into your checking account

The More You Shop with your Island Debit Mastercard, the more offers you receive!



Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there any cost to participate in the program?
• No, this program is free for all Island Federal Members.

Do I need to sign up for My Cash Back Rewards? 
• Nope! As long as you have an Island Federal Debit Mastercard, you will be automatically enrolled. However, you must activate each cash back offer before you can start earning. 

Is the “My Cash Back Rewards” program replacing uChoose Rewards?
• No, Members will now be able to participate in both My Cash Back Rewards and uChoose Rewards at the same time.

Does "My Cash Back Rewards" work with my Island Federal Credit Mastercard?
• At this time, you will only receive offers on your Island Federal Debit Mastercard.

When do I receive my cash back rewards? 
• Around the middle of every month, rewards that have been earned within a 30 day period will be deposited into your Island Federal checking account.

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